• Recruiting & Career Coaching in Tokyo

    My mission in life is to help people find work they LOVE and to help companies build effective teams of talented individuals.


    It's simple. I recruit and I coach. I love it and I've been doing it here in Tokyo since 2001. Want to know more? Scroll down.

  • How Can I Help You?

    Looking for a new job? Want to hire the best? Need focused support with your career growth? Have a new hire?

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    20+ years as a Tokyo-based headhunter

    I actively recruit motivated bilingual talent with a specific focus on experienced advertising/marketing professionals for communications agencies and brand-driven companies.

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    Get further faster in your career

    I can help you change jobs (and find a company/role you LOVE), get a promotion+raise, develop an effective career strategy, or simply get more clarity on how you can thrive in your career.

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    Ensure your people investments succeed

    The first six months of a new hire or internal transfer are the most critical. Dramatically increase the odds of their success through focused and intensive "New-to-Role" coaching.

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    Learn+ Grow + Connect 

    for Career Development

    A few times a quarter I do public speaking engagements and workshops in collaboration with Leadersラボ. I have two favorite keynote subjects: One on "7 Steps to Career Clarity" and the other on "How to Work With Recruiters and Get What YOU Want".

  • Recruiting

    Specializing in bilingual advertising/marketing professionals

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    For Candidates

    Explore new opportunities

    If you love advertising and marketing and are looking to put your talents to their highest use, let's get to know each other. It all starts with a simple conversation and could result in finding a new job you love. Get in touch!

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    For Clients

    Hire the best available talent in the market

    I've been recruiting in the Tokyo market for over 20 years and know what it takes to identify, qualify, and hire the best people available in the market. I know where the top talent is hiding. I work with a very limited number of clients and strive to understand their specific needs. Let's talk about how to transform your organization.

  • Coaching For Individuals

    Career acceleration for bilingual professionals

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    One-On-One Career Coaching

    Don't just survive, THRIVE!

    I work with a small number of ambitious and motivated professionals who are looking to thrive in their career. Top performers understand that having a coach can give them an edge, especially for critical career transitions such as changing jobs, getting a raise/promotion, shifting careers, or just putting together a viable long-term strategic plan.

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    Interested in hiring a Coach?

    Let's set up a no-obligation exploratory session

    If you're new to coaching, I know the huge leap of faith it takes to hire a coach. It's a big investment and you want to be sure that it pays off. Let's schedule a free no-obligation meeting where we can discuss how coaching may give you a significant ROI. Send me a message to set up an initial consultation.

  • Coaching for Corporate Clients

    Specializing in "New-to-Role" Coaching

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    New-to-Role Coaching

    Ensure your people investments succeed

    You've just hired someone into a critical role, either externally or internally, and the hopes and fortunes of your organization depend on him/her getting off to a good start.


    Give them the support they need to make a smooth transition and protect your investment by providing them with effective and confidential coaching support. Don't let them crash and burn from the inevitable bumps that emerge in their first 100-200 days. Let's discuss how to get your new hires growing fast.

  • Public Speaking and Workshops

    Live, interactive learning for practical, measurable results

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    7 Steps to Career Clarity

    You career navigation guide

    This presentation is useful to anyone who would like to take more control over their career destiny by better understanding who they are, what they are good at, and what they really, really want to do with their life.  Great for universities, both undergrad and grad schools, and ideal for mid-career professionals who feel like something isn't quite right with their current career path.  

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    How to Work With a Recruiter 

    and Get What YOU Want

    The more you know the better your career will flow

    Recruiters can be a blessing or a curse. Improve your odds of success by understanding the inside information and unknown secrets of what goes on "behind the scenes" in the recruiting process and how you can utilize recruiters to get the job of your dreams.


    To discuss booking a live event, click HERE.

  • Let's Start a Conversation

    You + Me = Positive results.

  • About Gary

    Dedicated to YOUR success

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    My Story

    From San Diego to Tokyo

    Born and raised in San Diego, CA, my entire career has been focused on business in Japan. After founding and exiting an international trading company with offices in LA, Tokyo, and London I settled in Tokyo and discovered the wonderful world of recruiting in 2001. Having worked with a coach in the 90's, I became CCF certified in 2007 and added coaching to my practice to further enable me to achieve my life's mission--to help people find work they LOVE.

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    Unsolicited Testimonials

    Here's what a few people have to say

    "Gary is a true professional in every sense of the word." S.K.

    "He's an incredible resource, expert networker, and always willing to assist in connecting people." N.M.

    "I would hire Gary for his high level of personal integrity." I.W.

    "One of the most credible, professional, trustworthy and helpful recruiters in the business." A.Y.

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